Zy Dance Studio | Dance Styles
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Discover Your Favourite Dance Style and Try New Ones!


How do dancers manage feats of strength, agility and control while appearing streamlined and graceful? Classical ballet training is their secret. A refined style characterised by a defined vocabulary of steps, poses and elegant movements, ballet aligns the body and elongates the muscles to achieve the toned dancer physique. Class starts with exercises at the barre followed by work in the centre of the floor, building up to turns and flying jumps. Don’t be shy – you’re never too old to discover the beauty and physical benefits of classical ballet.


Contemporary Dance

Incorporating elements of ballet and modern dance, contemporary dance encourages natural fluid movement and self-expression, while developing a strong core and technique. Contemporary dance choreography often involves floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation. Classes start with a full-body warm-up and practice of dance choreography. You’ll develop flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness while relishing the freedom of expression.


Jazz Dance

Jazz dance represents our popular culture and music and is therefore always evolving. Originally inspired by African American and Caribbean dance styles, modern Theatre Jazz gained popularity on Broadway in the 1950s in high-energy shows such as Chicago, Cabaret and Grease. Street Jazz, also known as Jazz Funk, is influenced by today’s pop music and hip-hop styles, and can be seen in concerts and video clips for artists such as Beyoncé and Britney Spears. Lyrical Jazz or Jazz Ballet combines the techniques of jazz and ballet and is a more melodic, expressive form of jazz, often danced to ballad music. Jazz is a great work-out for all ages and levels of ability, enhancing flexibility, movement and fitness levels and making you look hot on the dance floor.


Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a street dance style that originated in the Bronx in New York in the 1970s. Constantly evolving, it is a free, funky and soulful expression of movement frequently seen in rap, R&B and pop music videos and concerts by artists such as Kanye West, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna. Combining isolations, sharp footwork, flexibility and coordination on beat-driven movements, hip-hop styles include breaking, popping, locking and krumping.


Chinese Dance

A physical expression of China’s rich culture, Chinese dance is a refined style that originates from China’s opera and martial arts dance traditions. Training incorporates breath-led fluid movements, stylised positions and gestures, stretching and athletic tricks. Stirring music and choreography adds to the fun of this expressive dance style.



An ideal complement to dance training, Pilates sequences help develop core strength and cultivate an internal awareness, leading to better posture, alignment, strength and coordination.



Immerse yourself in the passionate Spanish music as you learn this elegant and soulful dance defined by thunderous footwork and stylised, seductive movements.


Latin Dance

Latin dance includes a wide range of dances originating in Latin America and Cuba, including Salsa, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba and Jive. Learn the patterns (solo and partner), technique and expressions of your favourite Latin styles, and acquire the tools to choreograph and social dance during this sexy, confidence-enhancing class. You don’t need a partner for this class.


Children’s Ballet

Young dancers will be engaged through dance, music and play, progressing into basic ballet vocabulary and technique in a structured yet fun setting. Young dancers will discover grace, poise, confidence, coordination, rhythm, flexibility and musicality, and meet new friends through the joy of dance. No previous experience required.


Children’s Creative Dance

Indulge your child’s boundless energy and encourage creativity in our dance classes tailored specifically for little ones. Easy-to-follow routines paired with cool music will allow your children to develop a sense of rhythm and coordination while getting some exercise, boosting self-confidence and making new friends.