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20 Mar New Zumba Classes at Zy! Zy舞蹈工作室将推出新的尊巴课程!

More new classes are coming to Zy! Beginning 21 March 2016, we’re adding Zumba to our weekly dance schedule. Get in shape for summer with this high-energy workout danced to feel-good Latin and pop music.

Zumba combines dance and aerobic fitness. The choreography incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. Just follow our amazing instructor Sarah, feel the music, move your body and have fun! Sarah is a dancer and teacher from Hannover, Germany. She teaches Zumba, as well as hip hop, jazz and tap dance.

Join us in the studio for Zumba class every Monday from 7-8pm. For more information, please contact 138 1720 4098.

Tip: In the Latin mood? Following Zumba class, stay on and practice Latin dance technique with dance champion Asya from Russia at 8-9pm each Monday.

从3月21日星期一, 开始我们将在每周一加入尊巴舞蹈课程。尊巴将舞蹈与有氧运动完美地结合在一起。在您享受舞蹈的同时感受超棒的拉丁和流行音乐。舞蹈融合了街舞、桑巴、萨尔萨、梅伦格舞和曼波。尊巴并不是关于如何掌握舞蹈技巧,而是跟随我们的神奇教练莎拉一起感受优美的音乐并移动您的身体!莎拉是德国汉诺威的一位舞者和教师。她教尊巴,以及街舞,爵士舞和踢踏舞。

如想了解更多信息,请联系138 1720 4098。